Chad Allen's Karate
Karate for every member of the family

Class Schedule


2 Free

Parents work out for Free In Febuary!!!

Tuesdays and Thursdays

  1. 5:00
    Traditional Karate
    Traditional Karate on Main floor. Little Dragons on Back Floor until 5:30.
    and Little Dragons
  2. 6:00
    Basic drill class for American Free Style on main floor. Advanced drill class for American Free Style on back floor
    Free Style Drill Class
  3. 7:00
    Thursday Nights Grappling on Back mat at 6PM. American Karate Main Floor.
    Free Style Sparring class


  1. 6:00
    Belt Test
    Belt Test are scheduled for the first Monday every month. Day may change due to holiday or competition. The first available Monday will then be scheduled. Grappling Class is on Back Mat at 6PM.
    Keynote speaker
  2. TBA
    Typically Second Monday ongoing awareness and self defense course. Quarterly introduction class will be held for new members in addition to ongoing course.
    Self-Defense Course


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