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Our Programs
Chad Allen's Karate offers many different programs at one location. We offer programs for all ages. If you are looking for traditional karate, sport karate,womens self defense, kids classes, or grappling, then look no further. Check out the list of programs that Chad Allen's Karate has to offer.
  1. American Freestyle Karate
    American Freestyle Karate is instructed by head instructor Chad Allen. We also have several Black Belt instructors that hold world and national rankings. This program focuses on sport point fighting, and competition fighting. Two separate competition teams are available to members. Both teams are included in Chad Allen's Fight Club.
  2. Traditional American Karate
    Chad Allen's Karate offers a combination art of Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Arts. This program focuses on detail and structure. Consisting of Forms(Kata), Weapons,Self-Defense, and drills. A education in the Arts and origins.
  3. Grappling
    Chad Allen's Karate Grappling is a wrestling, submission, and floor defense system. Program is ran by Mr Terry Welborn.
  4. Kids Karate Progarms
    We offer two different level kids classes at Chad Allen's Karate. Little Ninjas is designed for kids 2-4 years old. We build simple functions and build attention skills. We also offer Little dragons class. This class is designed for kids 5-7. We build on preparation to join our standard classes while teaching basic karate skills and life skills.
  5. Womens Self Defense
    We offer two and three week womens self defense courses. These classes focus on improving attention and focus to dangerous situations, avoiding danger, escaping danger, and real life situations defense. We also offer our recommended monthly refresher class.
  6. Chad Allen's Fight Club
    Chad Allen's Fight Club is the highest honor our members can achieve. This group is hand selected and must meet very strict requirements to be accepted. CAFC is our competition team elite. CAFC has two divisions. Regional team and World team are included in Chad Allen's Fight Club.
  7. Private Sessions
    Several instructors are available for private sessions at members request. This includes Chad Allen also. Please contact us to schedule a time.
  8. Birthday Parties
    Chad Allen's Karate is a wonderful place to have you next Birthday party. We offer inclusive packages and bring your on parties. Great activities and fun atmosphere for members or outsiders. Contact us for more details and schedule a time.
  9. Sport MMA
    Come and experience a new fast growing sport. Sport MMA has all the elements of MMA but in a controled system. A much safer way to learn the growing sport of MMA while being able to engage in great competition. Our Spot MMA program includes stand up and ground training.